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Whether you opt for the DIY route or pay someone to replace your old kitchen, you can be sure of just one thing; a whole lot of rubbish! When refurbishing your London kitchen, you will obviously have to think of a way of getting rid of the old units, but usually this isn’t all. You will also have old tiles, plaster, white goods and often added into the mix are all those old plates, saucepans and gadgets you have found at the back of a cupboard which you know you will never use again. So, in short, kitchen refurbishment rubbish is a bit of a mixture! Urban Waste loves mixed rubbish – ask us for a no-obligation quote and we will take your rubbish away, clearing up behind us, and make sure it is disposed of a way which will do minimal damage to our beleaguered environment.
If you are having your kitchen refurbished by contractors, ask them before they begin what they intend to do with the rubbish they create. Some will already have asked Urban Waste to deal with it – we have contracts with many builders across London – but if they haven’t made any arrangements, watch out. For one thing, you don’t want to be scrambling across a pile of rubbish while the project is on-going and you certainly don’t want to be left with it at the end. If you arrange removal yourself, check the small print with care. Urban Waste won’t charge any extras such as parking or the Congestion Charge but many companies do; for any London kitchen refurbishment removal arrangement this can come to a very substantial sum.
Don’t let your new kitchen cost us the earth – there are lots of items in the average kitchen rip-out which need specialist disposal and this is another place where many companies charge extra. Urban Waste has no extra charges to pass on to you; we will dispose of your WEEE items all in our original quote, so you won’t have to worry about those annoying additions which can make your final bill surprisingly huge. We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency so you will know that not only is the price right, but that Urban Waste will be doing right by the world as well!
Give us a call to discuss your London kitchen refurbishment rubbish removal requirements today or for a quick guide, check out our pricing table.


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