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It isn’t always easy to get building site rubbish removed from London addresses because restrictions on parking mean you can’t have a skip outside the premises. If you are in the middle of a big project this can be a real nuisance because the rubbish soon builds up and makes getting on with the job in hand more difficult. If you book Urban Waste for a regular building site clearance, you won’t have to spend precious time clambering over piles of old rubbish and it also looks much tidier – good PR for potential clients passing by.
If you give Urban Waste a call before you begin your building project, we can arrange a schedule to suit you which will make sure your site is always clean and neat. Sitting a skip is not always possible in some London boroughs and even when it is allowed in principle, getting permission can take ages. Using Urban Waste scheduled clearance means no waiting and no overflowing skips outside the premises. There is nothing more annoying than to have to put an important project on hold because the rubbish is building up.
Urban Waste builders’ rubbish removal makes sense in so many ways. You save money and time through not having to negotiate piles of rubbish outside the premises. You gain more clients by having a neat and tidy aspect to the job. You don’t have to hang around waiting for skip permissions or to have them emptied. And you also will always know exactly how much this aspect of the job will cost. Our pricing system is clear and transparent and so you won’t have any nasty surprises which could eat into your margins.
Give us a call today and see how Urban Waste can solve your building site rubbish removal problems.

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How it works?


Quick Removal Quote.

Over the phone we will quote you an estimate depending of what rubbish you have and how much you have.


Removal of Rubbish.

We will arrive and confirm the quote at the site and if you agree with it, we will remove your rubbish.


Rubbish Disposal at Licensed Facility.

We will take your rubbish to fully licensed recycling facility that will deal with it in an environmentally sound manner.