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If you are fortunate enough to have a garden at your London home you can get a great deal of pleasure from it and it look at it in cold cash terms, keeping it in good nick is like money in the bank when you own your property. But the bottom line is that getting rid of your garden rubbish in London is almost impossible – sites to dump it are few and far between and there is only so much that a compost heap can take. A lot of grass clippings for example will soon turn your compost bin into a smelly mess and if you have a lot of shrubs, the prunings have to be taken away. Urban Waste can remove your green waste for you and also we love to get to grips with your neglected undergrowth, taking away all the trimmings with us when we leave. We only take green waste to the correct disposal points, so you will be sure that your garden waste will end up where it should be; as compost in a garden.
Looking out across your garden, you will probably also find you have non-green garden rubbish that needs removal. Getting rid of an old shed from your London garden is next to impossible using your family car – it would take months. Urban Waste can remove not only old fence panels, old sheds and their contents but also the miles of bramble which has climbed amongst it to make it so much of an eyesore. Broken garden furniture, old solar lighting units that have ceased to work and all the other old bits and pieces that every garden contains can all be removed in one go by Urban Waste and everything will be disposed of thoughtfully. Once you have arranged your garden waste removal, you will probably find much more which you want rid of, so take the opportunity to get rid of as much as you can. If your compost heap has grown exponentially and you know you will never be able to use it on the flowerbeds, don’t worry – Urban Waste will be happy to remove that too.
If you are a keen gardener who regularly makes green waste, why not arrange a regular pick up with Urban Waste? Grass clippings can really build up over the summer and can become really smelly if not removed. We make sure that all green waste is taken to a composting site where a few bags of grass clippings will be balanced out with everything else to make fabulous all-natural compost, so it is going to a good home!
Give us a call today if your garden is beginning to take over your life, or check our pricing table.


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